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Some of my own thoughts.

What difference will you make…

If words could change our world, we would have been saved on October 15, 1940.* Good things may take time, and big changes may even cross the Millenium. Yet don’t we all think, 70 years are enough time to THINK…


“Happiness is a state of mind that starts with a point of view.” – Marcus Pietrzak


“Die Qualität im Leben zeigt sich selten im Besitz der großen Dinge, aber oft im Erleben der ganz Kleinen.” – Marcus Pietrzak

Even though

Be human, act human, live to your principles. Because – and even though – others are human like yourself. – Marcus Pietrzak (inspired by a quotation from mother Teresa)

Big luggage

Some people travel with luggage so big, that I wonder why they ever left their homes… – mp

Die Erde und wir

“Wann begannen wir zu vergessen, dass der Mensch nur aufrecht gehen kann weil die Erde ihn erträgt?” – mp