Why not!
This blog was installed to collect thoughts that come across our way on the internet, in real life, and whatever there is in between… anything like quotes, words of wisdom, words of comfort to our mind.

    Some words I carried with me through life; some carried me through life.
    Some words were brought to me by good friends; some brought old friends back to me.
    And some of these words just were there when their time had come.

So please, read on, enjoy, indulge, and come back.
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Any way, I would be grateful if you find your way to share some words of wisdom in return to the community of critical thinkers that are passing by this site…

Update Policy
Since most newsletters, communications and updates are intended to ensure we are more productive and better at work, they will hit us right at the beginning of our work week. – But do we then take time to think, ponder and allow for our minds to change… with all that information bursting into our life at the same day of the week? – I don’t think so.
This is why most of my weekly updates will happen on Friday morning (UTC). For those of you in the Western world, this will be the end of your work week. For those of you in other parts of the world, it may just be amidst your weekend. For all of you, I hope you enjoy the reading as your working slows down, and you have more time to … think twice!

Language in use
Last not least: To allow for more sharing, I decided to keep much of this blog in English. However, I cannot deny that English is not my native tongue, as I am rather a native German speaker; so pls expect this site to be held bilingually; in fact, some quotations also read much better in German ;-)

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