Pictures of my life

Back in the year 2000, I watched this Buddhist monk on the holiday island of Koh Samui, Thailand, wiping the floor with such humbleness and satisfaction, that it could not contrast the fun and holiday mindset of this island much more.

Five years later, I attended a workshop on managing your personal ressources. The trainer used stories of mastery from a book by the author Reinhold Dietrich. This book instantly became my best company when working with managers and adults, who were seeking to understand more about mastery and leadership. And this book became a good advisor for those questions in life that are hardly explained by long verbiage or discussion, but rather by listening and pondering…

It took me years to see, that my favorite book was actually showing the same theme like that picture I shot five years back.

Without knowing what came first – the book, the monk or the workshop – it finally came all together and made a lot of sense to me, as a whole.

– Marcus Pietrzak

The book: “Palast der Geschichten” bei Reinhold Dietrich.