Author: Marcus Pietrzak

Marcus Pietrzak is Management Development Leader CEE and Senior Organization Leadership Consultant at IBM. - He works with all management levels in his organisation, and helps them to find new approaches towards their personal leadership philosophy and change. His personal and professional interests include organisational psychology, adult education, management & organisational development and management innovation. "When connecting the dots of my career, I realized that developing people in each stage of their leadership career has always been at the core of what I've been doing. From studies to research, from workshops to coaching, from assessment to training: identifying and shaping the very best of the leadership capabilities within my clients, has always received my undivided attention and formed my mantra: the success of the people who look for our support and guidance - this will always be the ultimate measure of our success in leadership development." - (mp)

Across limits

“Man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.” Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. (1841−1935)

Change (2)

“If you truly want to understand something, try to change it” (Kurt Lewin, 1890 – 1947)

TED – So you think you know…?

“Daniel Simons is the head of Visual Cognition Lab at the University of Illinois. His recent research explores the cognitive underpinnings of our experience of a stable and continuous visual world. For example, his studies reveal the surprising extent of…

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Lernen statt Belehren

“Es kommt nicht darauf an, Englisch, Deutsch und Mathematik den Kindern zu Lehren: man muss in ihnen die Neugier wecken, sich das Wissen selbst anzueignen.” Gerald Hüther (Deutscher Hirnforscher, Universität Göttingen)