Month: September 2011

What price would you pay for faster web-surfing?

  Today, Amazon launched its new Kindle Fire. Read the announcement and an introductory video here. This is basically a tablet PC running on Android 2.1. What is different though, is that – among many other changes that make the…

Silence I

“If what you want to say is not more beautiful than silence, then hold your tongue.” – Chinese proverb

Potential – results

“If you have the strength to move a mountain, then you still need a mind as large and quiet as an ocean.” – Chinese Proverb

Free Hugs

Apologies – but I simply cannot resist in posting this over again – but I wanted to make sure we all share this … and above all, I wanted to make myself a special present for a special day:

There has never been a single time that this video did not touch my heart, and I’d be surprised there is any single person who has not lost their key to their hearts, that would not feel enchanted by the simple message this campaign conveys: we are all just human, and we all need each other … once in a while, for a hug!


Free Hugs Campaign (with music from Sick Puppies)

Dedicated to all those, who did not forget about the place in their heart that was made to connect with people…

For those who would like to look up the background of this real life story, pls visit Wikipedia at the below link. It will explain all you need to know, and possibly hook you up for your own localized version of the Free Hugs Campaign.

TED – Barry Schwartz on practical wisdom

Updated on Sep 21, 2011. Original title: “Barry Schwartz on our loss of wisdom” – Video on Barry Schwartz makes a passionate call for “practical wisdom” as an antidote to a society gone mad with bureaucracy. He argues powerfully…


Wenn es Eine Wahrheit über das Leben gibt, dann jene die besagt, dass es immer eine zweite von ihr gibt. – Marcus Pietrzak


“Happiness is a state of mind that starts with a point of view.” – Marcus Pietrzak


“Die Qualität im Leben zeigt sich selten im Besitz der großen Dinge, aber oft im Erleben der ganz Kleinen.” – Marcus Pietrzak